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Psychotherapy is simply the process of a person (or multiple people) working with a mental health professional to address any emotional difficulties, life problems, or personal challenges they may be facing.

It is a non-judgmental space to gain insight and learn new approaches to managing issues. These strategies could include learning how to navigate emotions more effectively, setting healthier boundaries with family and friends,  processing traumatic experiences, and much more.

Our trained and licensed therapists meet you where you are at. We all have our strengths we bring to the table. Let us support you in your healing process.

What therapy is:

  • a collaborative process

  • an opportunity to gain insight

  • how to learn new coping strategies

  • a way to heal from the past

  • a place to learn how to implement change

  • a process that requires dedication, patience, and work.

What therapy is not:

  • an overnight fix

  • a place of judgment

  • learning how to change or forget the past

  • a passive experience

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