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Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Assessment

Conducting an assessment to qualify for an emotional support animal serves the purpose of evaluating an individual's mental health or psychiatric condition to determine eligibility for ESA accommodation.


This assessment aims to establish whether the individual's disability warrants the presence of an emotional support animal to mitigate symptoms and improve overall well-being.


The benefits of such an assessment include ensuring that individuals with genuine need receive appropriate accommodation, promoting the therapeutic benefits of ESA companionship, and facilitating compliance with legal requirements for ESA ownership in various settings, such as housing or travel.

The Process



To determine if you meet criteria for an ESA letter, please complete the Eligibility Assessment questionnaire located below.

If criteria is met, a licensed therapist will then contact you regarding the next course of action.


Next Steps

The provider and the client determine the time for a 30-60-minute virtual appointment. The provider will have client complete intake paperwork, clinical assessment forms, and supporting documents electronically to complete the clinical evaluation process.


Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

You will meet with a provider who will discuss your psychiatric diagnosis, clinical recommendations, and how to receive your ESA letter.  


Complete ESA Pre-Qualification Form 

If you would like to begin the process of determining if you meet the criteria for an ESA letter, complete the form by clicking the "Get Started" button below. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

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